We are a mobile application that allows users with an Android or iPhone to easily learn the bedt practices of kidney health management, folllow the renal diet, track key health data and directly interact and receive feedback from medical practitioners. All while being financially rewarded on their success in following a renal treatment plan.

RENAL TRKRR’s core focus is the development of a technologically driven approach to the delivery of education, support and motivation to the kidney community. RENAL TRKRR does not take away the need to visit your care team, but does provide additional data to support the care you currently receive.

Our Story

RENAL TRKRR was founded by a kidney patient who was able to master the renal diet and manage snd maintain her health so well, she was able to postpone dialysis by a decade.

Next Steps…

Get started with our mobile services today by visiting the App Store or Google Play to download RENAL TRKRR for free onto your iPhone® or Android™ mobile device today!